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Comcast woos new customers with “free” Motorola Xoom

August 3, 2011 | by Charles West

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Motorola Xoom

Who’s in the market for some Comcast cable? Well, the cable giant has an offer that may tickle your fancy. Apparently, when you sign up for a cable contract, Comcast will offer you the Motorola Xoom Android tablet. Of course an offer like this comes with other options, but sign up for an applicable cable subscription and you’ll get a Xoom for free, or $99, depending on the two-year contract signed.

According to an internal memo acquired by Android Central, interested parties will have to actually ask about this deal when signing up. If eligible, the Xoom will be sent in the mail. This is a pretty smart move because it without a doubt helps highlight their Comcast Xfinity app, which lets you control your Comcast experience from your phone or tablet. And since most areas have monopolies that only allow 2 or 3 web and television providers, Comcast can use this perk to get a leg-up on the competition.

If you want to jump on this deal, then you better get moving because the tablet offer will only be available from 8/1-9/15. Now for the fine print and those “other options” I mentioned. The XOOM offer will be made ONLY through direct mail sent to non subscribers. This offer is only available upon customer request and NOT to be proactively offered.

Here are the three different direct mail offers (options) as outlined below:

  • Version 1: $99 x 12 Triple Play or step up to an HD Triple Play and get up to a $200 Visa prepaid card.
  • Version 2: $99 x 12 TP or step up to HD Preferred Plus XF Triple Play and receive a Motorola XOOM™ (no price for the HD Preferred Plus XF TP will be mentioned on the piece but the qualifying price point is EDP – $174.99 or HD Premier XF TP at $199.99)
  • Version 3: Free Motorola XOOM™ with the HD Preferred Plus XF TP at $174.99 EDP (CAEs can also sell the customer into the HD Premier XF TP at $199.99 for the XOOM as well.)