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Best Buy selling Pandigital Nova Digital Reader tablet for $170

August 2, 2011 | by Charles West

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Pandigital, a tablet and electronic publishing company, has added the Nova Digital Reader to its growing list of e-readers. The Nova is a seven-inch, Android 2.3-powered slate that looks similar to e-readers like the Nook or Kindle. It is powered by an 800MHz processor, has 4GB of internal storage, and features an ActiveTouch display with 800×600 resolution. Not bad for less than $200 bucks.

Another cool fact about the Nova is that it connects directly to the Barnes and Noble bookstore, and rocks a pair of front and rear facing cameras. Beyond that, you’ll get the usual 802.11 b/g/n wireless capabilities, a built-in microSD card slot, and a micro HDMI port, all packed within a frame that’s half-an-inch thick. I do hope the user experience is smoother than its first attempt the Novel.

Remember when Pandigital announced their Novel Android reader for $199.99? Users weren’t happy, and thanks to hackers, the Novel was able to be set up to use an ulterior homescreen like Panda Home. It then managed to sideload Android apps with a little hacking without rooting the device.

Well, with these kind of specifications on the Nova, it’s pretty incredible that Best Buy is only selling it for $169.99. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a deal to me. Someone in the market for a cheap tablet might consider this as a viable option. It’s not nearly as powerful as other tablets, but for a low price and some basic fun, it could be just what some people need.

Source: Engadget