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Why are Android Market ratings vanishing? Google’s on the case.

August 1, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Remember how we took a look at the crazy habits of people adding ratings and reviews to the Android Market? Well, a lot of those ratings are disappearing and no one seems to know why.

Over the weekend, we received word from a few developers upset that ratings in the Android Market were suddenly disappearing. Thousands of ratings that previously appeared in the developer console began vanishing Friday night, with some people reporting in Google Help threads that they had lost as much as two-thirds of the scores associated with their apps. That was especially troubling since developers claim that most of the missing reviews were 5-star ratings, which caused their overall score to decline.

Google must have gotten a lot more feedback on this issue than we did because they acknowledged the problem on Sunday. After several threads in the Google Help forum featured complaints from confused developers, the Known Issues page was updated with the following message.

We’re aware of reports from some developers that the number of ratings and/or reviews displayed for their apps have decreased significantly. We’re investigating this issue and are striving to resolve it as soon as possible. No action is needed on your part at this time. Please check back here for updates.

One can only hope Google manages to fix this sooner than later. The Android Market has undergone some major changes recently – cosmetically and fundamentally – designed to increase app discovery. The last thing anyone wants to see is quality apps being demoted because of a strange bug. Maybe they’ll also manage to fix the Market website, which has curiously been showing old reviews that are not chronologically organized.

Thanks to Romain, Chris, and everyone else who sent this in!