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Google Search Android app gets a clever redesign

August 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



UPDATE: Ha! Google posted the news prematurely. The app isn’t available in the Android Market yet. Here’s the article as it originally appeared.


The Google search app for Android devices has been upgraded to be “easier-to-use.” How can it be easier than me typing or speaking into my phone and Google crawling the Internet to find my answer? I don’t know, but the Google Mobile blog says it’s found a way.

On Android 2.2 or higher devices, the search process groups suggestions by type. Previously, someone searching for “Green” may see their contacts or apps with that word in their names, followed by web results. Now, web results will be given top-billing and all of the contacts named Green will be grouped together, as will the apps.

Other changes include “country-specific suggestions and search results for all countries with Google domains.” That means someone searching Google in Mexico will be able to have more relevant local results. In the event that there’s a history item that you want to remove from appearing, simply long-press and dump it.

You may also notice that Google has made some aesthetic changes. The Google Search app had a white-to-gray gradient with shadows, but Google has switched to a black and charcoal gray theme that better resembles the recent design changes to the Android Market. Google claims this is a “simplified user interface” that will deliver a faster performance.

Android 2.2 users should head over to the Android Market and install the latest version of the Google Search app. You may not see a difference right away because my rooted HTC EVO 4G says that the most recent update is from October 2010.

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