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Android Apps Alert #70: Sky Sports, Sky Diving, and Skyscrapers

August 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Apps Alert has reached its 70th edition. That’s 70 weeks of game testing, app reviewing, and countless scrolling in our attempt to recap the new apps released into the Android Market each week. Though we no longer use the #androidapps tag on Twitter – the spam on the tag has gotten out of control – we’re still out there looking for cool things to recommend. Feel free to drop us an @reply when you spot something worth checking out.

The 70th edition of Apps Alert is centered around the word “Sky” for obvious reasons. We’ve got a game about skydiving, a news app from SkySports, and a history app that shows photos and information on stadiums and large buildings (skyscrapers). Have a look at the apps below and follow the install links if something grabs your attention.

Jimmy Pataya

Android 2.0.1 or higher required

A challenging game with a simple premise. That’s what Jimmy Pataya is, and the game lives up to that billing faithfully. Jimmy is an extreeeemee adventure seeker who mistaken dives out a plane without his parachute. As result, you must guide him through the sky by avoiding planks that will flatten Jimmy like a pancake. Grabbing gold stars on the way down will boost points, a helmet will provide added protection, and a rocket will boost our speed towards the ground and triple points. Jimmy Pataya is fun game that tests your reflexes and anticipation, so download this app to see how high a score you can obtain.

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Sky Sports News

Android 1.6+, UK only

Soccer fans…forgive me – football fans now have yet another app to help them track the EPL and several other sports popular in the United Kingdom. UK network Sky Sports News has an official Android app that delivers both a news feed for articles and a news ticker showing the headlines. SkySports can also track football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, Formula 1 racing, and boxing. Android 1.6 to 2.2 users also get the benefit of listening to radio within the app (Gingerbread doesn’t work).
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Android 1.6+

Looking for love? Millions of mobile users are, and the OKCupid app that we’ve previously praised just got a new update to help you do it. OKCupid now features a Local section that will create a hyper-local search for possible matches in your area. Broadcasts tells other OKCupid members that you’re available to meet in person and suggests places to connect, Local Chat will open a chat window if two people wish to meet, Notifications will alert you when a strong match is nearby, and Local Matches uses GPS to suggest nearby dates rather than your default settings. Exact locations will never be shared, but OKCupid will show neighborhoods in large cities and help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right on your Android phone.

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Android 2.1+

Buildings is one of those Android apps that you should have if you ever looked up at a skyline and been unable to tell the difference between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. With the Buildings Android app, you can open your phone and browse through photos and profiles about structures near and far.

Articles from Wikipedia tell the history of skyscrapers, museums, and stadiums, and photos of such structures are pulled in from many places. Users can even snap a picture with their Android device and add to the library. The app then shows details about the architecture, age, and location of the venue. Buildings can browse structures in many cities, focus on a Nearby area, and mark buildings as favorites. This is a great app for fans of architecture, history, and travel.

Thanks for the tip, Scott!

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Android 2.1+

Netflix isn’t the only streaming media service on Android. Epix, a company that sublicensees a number of movies to Netflix, has its own app for subscribers to watch thousands of movies. Films are organized according to category and the app also includes support for browsing “Extras” like interviews and behind the scenes. That’s great for getting an additional feel for what went into producing a certain film.

Epix allows users to create a Queue to manage what they plan to watch – streamed in stellar quality, by the way – including original specials that are exclusive to the service. You will need to be an Epix subscriber in order for the app to provide any value, but you can get a free 14 day trial to test it out.

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Room 77

Android 1.1+

There are plenty of travel apps available for finding the best at a decent hotel. But what if you have desires for a specific room type and need to decide if the room your hotel offers is right for you? Room 77 is what you want. The app lists hotels and room types – Queen room, King bed, Deluxe Suite, etc. – and then provides information about what type of view someone can expect. Room 77 can provide a Google Satellite View of the surrounding area, filters that score how likely you are to approve the room. There’s no way to see pictures of inside the room, but you can read tips from experts and other users that may help confirm or reject a room assignment when checking in.

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Quick Hits and App Reviews of the Week

Foursquare made some more interface changes for its Android app. The titlebars and tabs have been redesigned, managing Facebook/Twitter links is easier, and things just look prettier. You can also Check In directly from the top nave bar.

Google Videos, maiden name Google Movies, was originally available only for the Motorola Xoom. It has since been rebranded and made to work with Android 2.2 or higher devices. You won’t be able to use it with a rooted phone, but you can rent and watch movies from Google with this app.

Twitvid has arrived for those people who don’t have (or want?) a full-fledged Twitter app on their Android device. Grab this app to see the popular videos shared through Twitvid or sign-in and post your own videos directly. Again, you don’t need this if you have a Twitter app because most of them support the feature already.

Adobe Flash had yet another update. And like all Flash updates these days, it’s mainly about patching up some security holes and fixing performance issues on select devices. Give Flash another go if you haven’t updated in a while.