Walkabout is an aggravatingly addictive puzzle game [App Review]

July 12, 2011 | by Tony Price

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If you ask my wife, she will tell you that the type of app I have the most of installed on my phone is games. I play several different kinds, including shooters, physics games, and even solitaire. Thats why I find it amazing when I come across a new game that i can’t put down. This time, that game is Walkabout.

The idea of Walkabout pretty simple. You play a character who is tasked with collecting stars on the play field. You walk over the stars to pick them up, and as you do, the last place you steps drops away. Thus the challenge of the game: collect all the stars by stepping in any given square only one time. You gain more points based on how quickly you complete each puzzle.

While that may seem like a simple concept, the puzzles get very challenging very quickly. While I’m okay with a higher level of difficulty, some users may find the curve a little sharp. For example, I am currently stuck on the 5th level. I like the idea of a challenge, but I don’t think my mom would keep trying.

The controls for Walkabout are pretty nice. You move your character by swiping in the appropriate direction. I think thats an intuitive control scheme for a mobile game like this. While it wouldn’t work in every case, I defiantly prefer it to the virtual joysticks many games have been using recently.

Overall, I really like Walkabout. I like the overall game play, the difficulty level, and the control scheme. Other users may find the learning curve too steep. I supple this one comes down to the player, not the game.

Game: Walkabout
Developer: Base 2
Price: ~1.58 (Free Demo Available)
Score: 4/5 – Solid game with a steep learning curve

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