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Vodafone Android Market channel is a first for European carriers

July 5, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka


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And just like that, Vodafone has joined the ranks of carriers with their own aisle in the Android Market. Vodafone announced that it has created a special tab in the Market in which the carrier will curate its own listing of recommeneded apps, games, and Widgets that it thinks customers should download.

Vodafone getting its own Market tab follows several U.S. carriers who have done the same, as well as Sony Ericsson getting its own Android apps area earlier this year. In place of the tab that previously said “My Apps” and listed the titles that a user downloads, Vodafone curates section of its own apps, as well as top apps from partners and independent developers that it recommendations to users. To access the My Apps page, Vodafone customers will now have to press Menu > My Apps within the Android Market app.

While it’s American cousin Verizon has already introduced a special Android Market channel, Vodafone is the first carrier in Europe to get a special area of the market that it controls. It’s a wonder that more European networks didn’t do this sooner, but that could be because the smartphone model in European nations is less focused on contracts and tying consumers or phones to one carrier. Vodafone may have also had its hands busy launching and managing its own 360 apps, games, and content effort.

The new tab should be live for Vodafone customers in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Greece, Ireland, and Portugal are next in-line and should see it soon.

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