SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies – That’s Long Enough [App Review]

July 11, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies is a slashing game combining everyone’s (and their mother’s) favorite groups: Ninjas and Zombies. The point of the game is to fall from the sky, probably quicker than anyone would like, slashing any and all zombies until you reach your backpack and parachute. It’s easy to pick up and play, doesn’t require exceptional gaming skills, but does require your brains to be eaten by zombies every so often so the game itself won’t bore you to death.

The gameplay is simple: point and click your way to various objects, whether they be zombies to slash or bread to eat, until you find your backpack. Your ninja begins by falling through the sky while you point and touch the screen where you want him to go. As you fall, Zombies will try to hoard around you to kill you, but while you fall, you’re slashing your sword so you can only get trapped if you stopped falling (stop pointing and touching the screen). You encounter more powerful zombies as you continue through the levels which tries to break up the monotony of the game, but you can always avoid them to get to the bottom the quickest… And I found that to be the moral of the game.

There are high scores, there are extra collectibles, but the way to win is to reach the backpack at the bottom of the level. Like I said, avoidance and moving are the keys to this game, and a game that is easily winnable, isn’t much of a game at all. I never felt like I had to get the pieces of bread; on the contrary, I felt like the bread were just another thing to chop through as stopping to grab them was too senseless. The hardest part is making sure you click on the backpack because if you go past it, the game froze on me, and I was forced to restart the whole app (this was a pre-release version so I’m sure this is worked out now but be aware). The best analogy I can make for the pointlessness of this game is if you were playing Angry Birds with one Bomb bird aimed at a small pig surrounded by TNT; you’re not really in danger of losing, but you can get a higher score.

I could enjoy the graphical style of the game, but it’s not in high-def which as the game is cartoonish, could have added a nice touch. It also had a bit of humor at the menus though it’s not enough to be a saving grace. In all, I’m sure a few of the quirks have been ironed out since my trial version, and since Super Ninjas has the low price point at $1, you won’t be too cheated if you’re in the mood for a mindless Zombie-slasher game.

App: SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies

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