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Sprint Nexus S 4G users should expect 2.3.5 update July 25th

July 22, 2011 | by Charles West

Firmware updates, Samsung Nexus S, Sprint

The Nexus S

It looks like owners of the Sprint Nexus S 4G will get an updated version of Gingerbread (2.3.5) starting July 25th. This new update will include many changes and improvements to the WiMAX toting device. The update will help the slow speeds the device has been plagued with on 4G WiMAX and it should not only be much faster, but also more stable.

Today, Samsung announced more important tidbits Samsung touched upon in the press release had to do with fixing the Wi-Fi bugs, speakerphone, voice quality and the addition of a 4G toggle widget.

It’s really cool to see how Sprint has shown a total commitment into the Android way, with its full support with much needed updates. Unlike most carriers, Sprint is actually listening to its customer’s concerns. But before we gush all over this news, keep in mind that the amount of improvement will likely depend on your locale. I’m sure this update should show a more than noticeable change in the way the WiMAX speeds have previously shown in major cities, like New York for instance. My only thought is, I wonder if this update will enable the NFC chip feature to use Google Wallet?

What do you guys think about Sprint’s dedication to its Android users? Also, if you happen to own one of these Nexus S 4G phones — I want to know what are your thoughts? Did Sprint address all of your concerns with this latest update coming? As always, feel free to sound off in our comment section below.