Sports Tracker – For any precisely measurable activity [App Review]

July 19, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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Sports Tracker

Recently, I’ve tracked a few of my workouts with Sports Tracker, and it’s about the best workout logger that I’ve used. I typically use My Tracks, and have been using CardioTrainer Pro since it was free on the Amazon App Store, but Sports Tracker could be my favorite of the three. It combines an excellent GPS tracking system with sharing options, friends, and a very pretty user interface.

Sports Tracker is comparable to My Tracks and CardioTrainer in its scope. It tracks your workout – whether that be walking, cycling, running, paddling, rowing, skiing, hiking, or a number of other activities. It calculates time, distance, altitude, and “energy” (which I think is calories, but this didn’t match-up perfectly with CardioTrainer’s calorie counter).

Similar to other apps, Sports Tracker sets itself apart in its ease of use and a nifty friends feature. The UI for Sports Tracker looks great, is easy to navigate, and shows any information you need with just a click or two. Users can share their workouts on Twitter and Facebook or with any friends that also has the Sports Tracker app itself. You can compete with these friends or see random people’s workouts and pictures from your surrounding area.

Sports Tracker is specifically better than CardioTrainer at sheer preciseness. While I recorded 3.8 miles walking with CardioTrainer, I would record 4.1 miles with My Tracks and Sports Tracker. I’d always disliked CardioTrainer for this reason, but I liked the calories counter so I used it. I can say that I’m switching to Sports Tracker for this reason. My Tracks is a little less user friendly and doesn’t count your calories, but is great for measuring distances and altitude. Sports Tracker was just as precise as My Tracks with distance, elevation, and min/max speeds, but with a much better UI, and the ability to auto-pause workouts and play music. I couldn’t test this option, but Sports Tracker does come with a heart-rate monitor option if you have one to use with it.

The only option lacking from Sports Tracker (and the only thing that makes me hesitant to quit My Tracks) is the ability to upload to Google Docs. It does have its own system, which is very good, for saving your workouts which you can check online.

Sports Tracker can play music, be used as a lock-screen during workouts, counts calories, helps users make workout friends, and, most importantly, has a very precise GPS. It combines the best of My Tracks and CardioTrainer in a nice, free application. If you’re going to use just one app to record and monitor your workouts, Sports Tracker is the best way to go.

App: Sports Tracker

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Developer: Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd.

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