Scrabble lands in Android Market. How many points is that?

July 11, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Electronic Arts has finally delivered the Scrabble Android app. Yes, Scrabble has been on that other OS for months,so we folks on the Android side of town have had to contend with close-but-not-quiet-the-same apps like Words With Friends and Word Feud.

The ruler’s back as the official EA Scrabble Free (Android 2.1+) app is now available in the Android Market. Users will have to put up  with a banner ad at the bottom and advertisements that pop-up between each turn, but we’ve come to expect that from this genre of gaming. What matters is that for people who have yet to jump of the Words With Friends bandwagon or stay loyal to Word Feud, Scrabble provides name recognition and familiarity (if you care about those sorts of things).

Scrabble features three game modes: Play A Random Opponent, Play With Friends, and Pass N’ Play. Play a Random Opponent finds a real live opponent to match wits, while Playing With Friends creates user names so you can accept challenges from contacts across platforms (not just those who have Android). The game supports up to 50 simultaneous matches, teaching mode to learn how to tighten up your game, and the ability to chat with opponents post-match if your phone has Android 2.2 or higher.

The app has some terribly annoying background music that you’ll want to silence, but it does an excellent job of notifying you when the opponent has played and it’s your turn to put a word down. Swipe and tap the Scrabble icon in the tab and you’ll be taken back to the game. The self-promotion of EA games is annoying to the point that I’m sure anyone who chooses to continue using this app will buy the ad-free version that I pray is around the corner. But if you can’t wait that long, head over to the Android Market now.

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