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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 TouchWiz UI update will follow August 3rd software event

July 27, 2011 | by Charles West

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Samsung has sent out all members of the media a nice little treat: an invitation to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 software update event on August 3 at the Samsung Experience in New York City.

The upcoming event will be the first opportunity to receive the new Tab 10.1 software update, which Samsung reps will upload onsite during the event. The “major software update” promised by Samsung is the TouchWiz UX interface that has been in development for some time now. Samsung originally showed off its Live Panels and Android Honeycomb customization at CTIA last March, but the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launched with a stock version of Android 3.0 rather than the customized UI.

All of this will happen during a live demonstration of how the new software works, and the process will only take 5-10 minutes to upload and re-flash on each device. An important note about the side loading of the new software you should know is it will reset your Galaxy Tab 10.1 back to its original settings and remove any content you’ve added to the device. But if you choose to not go through the process of losing all your content and data then just wait for the OTA, whenever that may be.

The update will be the debut of Samsung’s new Honeycomb TouchWiz UX interface along with a re-designed Media Hub and some additional apps and enterprise solutions. This event makes it almost a lock to receive the update on time. Before you go into a rage, Sammy will not leave average users in the dark. For Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners who aren’t affiliated with the media you’ll have a chance to get an update as well. Non-media users will be able to head over to the Samsung Experience in New York City to have the new software sideloaded to their device between 1 and 6PM.

No word has been given yet how people outside of New York will be able to receive the update, but that will likely happen after a few days (maybe weeks?) of Samsung ensuring that the update doesn’t have any major bugs or side-effects.