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Samsung Galaxy S II U.S. sign-up page now live

July 28, 2011 | by Tony Price


High resolution promo picture of the Samsung Galaxy S2

What is this? It seems as though Samsung is gearing up to tell the world about the launch of the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy S II in the United States. After a week packed with Galaxy S II rumors, including photo leaks of devices, we know have some form of confirmation.

While this little page isn’t quite the launch date announcement we were hoping for, we will take any information at this point. As previously reported, we have heard that the Galaxy S II would be coming state side some time in August. We assume that information is still good, but it looks like Samsung isn’t ready to tell us just yet.

Looking at the page, I do notice a couple details that may verify some of the rumors we have previously reported on. If you look under the photo of the phone, you can see that it clear says “Appearance of device may vary.” While this is probably just legal talk, it could be something more. The form-factor of the US Galaxy S II line is a hot topic right now, and this little sentence could mean the world.

If you are as excited about the launch of Samsung’s best selling device in the American market as I am, then head over to Samsung for all the latest information. For now, that’s just the ability to hear more when they are ready to talk, but that’s far better than nothing.

There have been a couple hints that Samsung is gearing up for this launch, including a publicity stunt involving miniature telescopes. For now, we are all in the same boat on this story. When we know more, you can be sure that we will post about it. Until then, keep your fingers crossed for a quick launch date.