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PushDoc Doesn’t Quite Push Its Way Past Awesome Drop

July 19, 2011 | by lukep

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Getting files from your desktop to your Android phone can be a right pain in the derriere. Thankfully, there are a few solid (and free) utilities in the Android Market to help you along. We’ve already had a look at one such app—Dashwire’s Awesome Drop— and now we’re turning our attention to Angelo Schiavone’s PushDoc.

Though a newcomer to the field, PushDoc offers relatively similar features to Awesome Drop: With only a few clicks, you can push any file on your computer directly to a specified folder on your Android device. PushDoc creates this opportunity using seamless wireless syncing. By creating an IP address for your computer to latch onto, the serves as an easy sync node for files you want on your SD card. It’s not an entirely painless process, as you still have to direct your computer’s browser to the self-created address. And once there, you’ll also have to download a javascript application to drag your files to. But once you’ve alligned the digital planets, data moving really is a drag-and-drop affair as advertised. You’re free to set a new folder for downloaded files as well, allowing for more mobility during transfers. All in all, PushDoc was an almost seamless affair: But how does it compare to Awesome Drop?

Both applications synced well, though I tended to think PushDoc was slightly faster. PushDoc also had a prettier interface, though the Klingon simplicity of AwesomeDrop was every bit as functional. However, PushDoc just couldn’t compete with the “It’s magic!” simplicity of Awesome Drop’s set-up. The latter requires no java files or IP hunting, and really is a wonder to behold. The interface isn’t as smooth, but when you’re pressed for time, Awesome Drop is still the way to go.

Since simplicity and ease-of-use are the name of the game, Awesome Drop ultimately wins out. The app is much easier to set-up than PushDoc, and provides the same service for a little less pain. However, PushDoc still shows a lot of promise, as its set-up is the only current drag. With a few updates, the app could easily best any other syncing utility on the Market.