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Nexus S is officially coming to AT&T

July 21, 2011 | by Tony Price

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The Nexus S

Samsung, Google, and Best Buy all announced on Thursday morning that the latest “Google Phone”, the Samsung Nexus S, is officially making its way to AT&T. These three sources all confirm what we have expected since the launch of the Nexus S, and now our 2010 dreams have come true.

The AT&T optimized version of the Nexus S comes sporting the usual specs. It will ship with a 4″ Super AMOLED screen, a 1Ghz processor, front and rear facing cameras, and support for NFC. It will also have the now familiar curved glass of the Nexus S. Google says it will ship with Android 2.3.

The phone will be exclusivley avaliable at Best Buy stores starting on July 24th (Sunday!). If you absoultly can’t wait to hand over your money for the device, it is avaliable for pre-order right now. It will cost you $100 on contract.

If what you want is the latest and greatest updates for Android, and you are tied to the Blue Deathstar (like I am), then you should definatly consider the Nexus S. However, you should keep in mind that Ice Cream Sanwhich is due to come out sometime this year. With it, we should all expect a new Nexus phone.

For myself, I am in the middle of my upgrade cycle. Seeing as i am a poor college kid who writes blog posts for a living, I need to wait until I can get a discounted price. Chances are I will hold out for the Nexus 3 or whatever it winds up being called.