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Microsoft is bringing Windows Live to Android (and I don’t know why)

July 21, 2011 | by Tony Price

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According to a post on the Windows Team Blog, Microsoft has given developers the tools for Windows Live integration across all major mobile platforms, including our beloved Android. The team in Redmond is giving you a use for that Hotmail account you made in the 90s, and they are bringing Messenger and SkyDrive along with it.

While Microsoft promises that the tools are easy to use, and that the integration should be seemless for consumers. You will apperntly only have to sign in once, and then you will have access to your Live account across all third-party apps. They are giving developers sample code and easy instructions.

I understand whats happening, but i have one question. Why on earth would we want this? I intentionally moved away from the Windows Live platform, specifically messenger, around 2001. I got a Gmail account as soon as I could. Since then, I have moved away from Windows all together, using Android, iOS, and Mac OS X as my platforms of choice.

Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone could have thought this was a good idea. I understand the desire for Microsoft to bring this to Windows Phone 7, but the idea of them contaiminating Android and iOS with it baffles me.

If you can seriously think of a good reason for this unholy union to happen, leave a comment below. Maybe I am just missing something, or not seeing the potential like I should. This is one of those rare moments when I am completly baffled.

Update: I understand Microsoft’s position. They stand to benefit in the areas of user retention. It could also be a good financial move. The prospect of gaining more users for their products is obviously a driving force. I apologize for not stating this more clearly in my article. However, I was writing my opinions as a user, not as an analyst. In the future, I will strive to better convey my view point on topics like this.