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HTC Status Given A Launch Date, But Is It A Relic At Birth?

July 11, 2011 | by lukep

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htc status

Just on the heels of our very own Charles West divorcing his Facebook account (check here for his convincing argument against the social networking giant) AT&T has finally announced a launch date and price for its Facebook-ready HTC Status. The device, which we first covered back in June, will be available  in the United States on July 17 for a scant $49.

The phone’s largest selling point is its total integration with the Facebook website. The phone is the first of its kind, offering a dedicated “share to Facebook” button that rests just beneath the physical portrait-style keyboard. By tapping said button, users can share media in an instant, update their status quicker than you can say pulchritudinous, and quick check-in with Facebook Places. The HTC Status is being pushed hard as a back-to-school phone, meaning teenagers and other social networking hounds are the primary targets.

The HTC Status has something to offer the not-so-verbose user as well: The chiclet style keyboard will certainly appeal to those that like the feel of real buttons under the thumb, and the edition of HTC’s Sense UI (running a 2.3.3. Gingerbread base) that’s been optimized for the phone’s 2.6-inch touchscreen looks to be a smooth Android experience. The phone will also feature a 5 megapixel camera on the back (including flash) as well as a front-facing camera for those inclined to do some video chatting. Not only that, but if mauve is your thing, the HTC Status is your perfect pick—the phone will ship with a signature mauve coat as the only color option.

But with rivals like Twitter and the release of Google+ (a service that looks all but ready to bloom during the length of the HTC Status’ two-year required contract), will users be willing to spring for a Facebook-oriented phone? Is the HTC Status bound for the teen and socially affluent market, or does it offer enough to compete with phones like the Motorola Atrix, which can be had for the same fifty-dollar price at some stores?

If you’re looking to commit, the HTC Status is available for pre-order now.