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Google+ to get new group tools through Fridge acquisition

July 21, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



One of the most talked about and liked features of Google+ has been Circles, which allows users to control who can see what they share. Circles are likely to get an infusion of new features now that Google has acquired Fridge, a small start-up that focused on group sharing and planning.

Fridge announced today it has been acquired by Google, and its team and technology will be folded into the Google+ project. According to statements made to AllThingsD, Groups has always been part of the Google+ roadmap, and this acquisition will help Google deliver “shared circles.” (Circles are currently private and there’s no easy way for groups of people to communicate.)

Based on what Fridge previously offered its users, there are a couple of changes we can likely expect from Google+

Proper Groups – I like being able to have a circle that has Androinica writers, but I’m the only one who sees that circle. It would be great if we had a group in which all of the writers could see comments, share ideas, and work together.

Collaboration/Planning - Speaking of work together, this confirms what I and many people have guessed G+ would become. Aside from the obvious social networking aspect, it can be a productivity/planning tool for business and private groups alike. Imagine being able to post and have discussions, have polls, and then jump in a hangout to discuss things face to face? Fridge had polls, events, reminders, and more, so Google+ will probably have those features soon.

Take a look at this Fridge promo video to understand what the product offers. Listen for an ironic line around the 30 second mark.

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