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Get the Google+ App outside the US

July 9, 2011 | by Tony Price

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the Androinica team loves Google+. We have written posts about the service, broke news about its Android app, and even given you some tips on using it to love it. Unfortunately, many of you who aren’t in the US don’t get to use the app.

Thanks to the great community over at XDA Developers, that problem has been solved. Member sacredsoul has posted the APK for you to download and install. Now you can enjoy the beauty of Huddle and Instant Upload.

I know that many of my international friends have been using the App on their Android devices, but apparently it wasn’t made available in all Markets. That seems like a poor choice for Google, but it may not have been their fault.

There are some international markets with deeper control over the types of Apps released. I know that there are some areas that never see many of the most popular apps in the US. The US also gets the short end of the stick sometimes, not getting access to apps and services like Spotify.

There are a couple caveats to using this method of installation. First, you may not get automatic updates from the Market. To fix that, keep an eye on the thread for updated versions. Second, installing the application will require you to have side loading enabled, so make sure you do before you head over to XDA.