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Google Plus has 10 million users & a new Android app update.

July 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google CEO Larry Page gave Google Plus a major plus today, confirming some of the speculation about Google’s invite-only social network.

On Google’s quarterly earning call, Page revealed that more than 10 million people are already in the Google+ field run. Those people are power more than 1 billion shares and 2 billion +1 button clicks each day. It seems that the initial exclusivity for users – a factor often cited as why Google Wave never got off the ground – is so far an effective strategy in creating excitement and “stickiness” for users.

And that’s only the beginning. Google will enable more businesses to join the site next week, and also made an update to its Google+ Android app that addresses some of the concerns that users have shared. Among the new features:

Customize the main stream to show updates from only one particular circle. So instead of seeing a catch all of everyone in your many circles, you can focus on people in your Android Circle or Work Circle directly through a swipe from the homescreen.

Huddles are now less annoying. Many have complained because they received Huddle invitations from strangers and had trouble muting or leaving them, but the latest version lets users dismiss the invitation completely. You can also set the app to only accept messages from people in your circle or extended circles (connected to people in your circle). You can also add an entire circle to a huddle – please do not abuse this, though.

There are other features ranging from the ability to set a photo as a wallpaper to compatibility with the Swype keyboard. Download the update from the Android Market and check out our guide to using the G+ Android app.


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