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Google looking to counter patent lawsuits with InterDigital purchase? [Reports]

July 20, 2011 | by Charles West

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As the patent wars continue between the industries biggest tech giants; Google is said to be looking to counter its slew of patent lawsuits with a potential Interdigital purchase. According to a WSJ report, which cited unnamed sources, Google’s interest in InterDigital was prompted by the search giants losing bid for Nortel Network’s patent portfolio in a bankruptcy auction. Google accentually lost to a gang of six, which included: Apple, Ericsson, Microsoft and Research In Motion.

The Journal report also states, part of InterDigital’s decision to explore a sale was spurred by Google’s interest. Now, there is no secret that Google is suffering from a relatively thin wireless patent portfolio, which is one of the reasons it had sought Nortel’s patents, many of which related to wireless, including LTE. If true, fans of Google have to be impressed with the aggressiveness shown to better help itself against the onslaught of patent lawsuits.

With a government in gridlock, there isn’t really a time table as to when the structure of these silly patent laws will be addressed — so it makes sense that Goog is taking this patent thing serious.

If this report has any validity to it, Google must go the extra mile in inquiring InterDigital even if they have to overpay. It’s simple, much like Nortel, they can’t afford to let this one go.

What do you guys think? Should Google go the extra mile acquiring InterDigital? If not, why? As always, leave your opinions in the comment section below.