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T-Mobile to offer in-store 2.3 update for myTouch 4G on August 5

July 28, 2011 | by Charles West

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We have great news for owners of the original myTouch 4G. T-Mobile has stated that it will offer 2.3 updates in-store for the MT4G starting August 5. So what that means is anyone seeking the long awaited update can go to a local corporate T-Mo store to get their fix of Gingerbread.

The myTouch 4G support page has been updated to reflect this news. The process most likely will wipe your handset’s internal storage of any saved data and Magenta is cautioning that you may be waiting up to 30 minutes for the update process to complete.

This is a perfect example of too little too late from T-Mo. MT4G users have been left in the cold for a while, and in the meantime users have gotten their Gingerbread sweet tooth cured from rooting their phones and uploading the incredible rom known as Cyanogen Mod 7.

The 4G myTouch has been out since November, and being an owner of this device, it’s no secret as to my disapproval of how this phone’s been handled. I’ve ranted on numerous occasions complaining about the lack of support and attention this phone has received in these past months. So getting this 2.3 update out to the casual users who don’t root their devices is well overdue. Now who knows, maybe we’ll see Netflix support finally.

Source: Phandroid