Get sweet Gingerbread on your G2X now

July 21, 2011 | by Charles West

Android Hacks, LG


Well what do we have here? Thanks to the wonderful folks over at XDA, it looks like owners of the LG G2X will be able to get there hands on some sweet gingerbread. What you’ll need is a data cable, a Windows computer, your G2X and this LG Updater. This is a great thing for X users considering all of the issues this beastly phone has had with screen bleeding, software bugs and etc. Just think, the G2X has only been out for a few months and there is already a 2.3 update out in the Android hacker community, albeit, unofficial but here nevertheless.

But of course, there are those out there who rather not take the risk. I totally understand if you prefer to wait for an official announcement and OTA update from T-Mobile, but honestly, who knows how long that’s going to take. For the rest of you who are devoted and unapologetic when it comes to hacking your phone in an effort to make it better, have fun. And oh, please note that this will break root — so keep that in mind before you start your hacking exploration. You can pick up the download from the XDA link next to the source.

I’ve never used this phone before, so I wonder what new features will come with this update. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see if this improves some of the G2X’s previous problems. If you happen to own this phone out there, and have already installed this update — please feel free to fill us in on any new details. As always, leave your invaluable insight below.

Source: XDA via TmoNews