Galaxy on Fire 2 is a cool space shooter for Tegra 2 devices [App Review]

July 19, 2011 | by Tony Price

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Having been in computing for a long time now, I am deeply familiar with the history of nVidia in terms of graphics cards, and I love them for it. So, when I first heard that nVidia was making a processor for use in mobile devices, my mind immediately began to wonder about gaming.  I started to imagine how games could look and function with a dual core nVidia chip behind them. I am happy to say that I am not disappointed.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is my first exposure to a Tegra powered game, and I am impressed. I don’t know if all the Tegra games look this pretty, but I am really impressed with the graphics of GoF. Being a space shooter, you can imagine the potential for it to have great landscapes and vistas, and GoF really delivers.

GoF is not just a pretty face, however. The gameplay starts a little slow, but once you get into the shooting part of the game, it it a lot of fun. The controls are intuitive, with navigation in the lower left corner and weapons in the lower right. The gameplay is fun, and the story is compelling.

Overall, I was really happy when I was playing Galaxy on Fire 2. Its a solid game with some of the best graphics I’ve seen in an Android app. There is a free demon of the game, but the full game will run you $15 as an in app purchase.

Oddly enough, there is a separate version of the game for the Xperia Play. It doesn’t include the in-app purchase for a full version. However, it sells for $12 in the Android Market. If you have that phone, I would go that route if you want the full game.

If you have a Tegra 2 device, then I recommend you check out Galaxy On Fire 2.

App: Galaxy on Fire 2
Developer: FISHLABS
Price: Free ($15 for Full Version)
Score: 4/5 – Great Graphics, Good Story, and Entertaining Game Play. The full version is a little expensive, however.

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