FriendCaster HD gives Android another Facebook Honeycomb app

July 19, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Facebook Android app hasn’t been given the official Honeycomb treatment, so users with Android 3.0 or higher have had to turn to third parties. FriendMe was the first Facebook Honeycomb app, but it now has stronger competition from OneLouder’s Friendcaster HD.

A beta version of Friendcaster HD, which supports multiple accounts, brings a second Honeycomb option in a rather nice package. Users can jump to Photos and see a well-organized view of photo albums recently updated by their friends and families. The gallery shows large photos and allows users to comment, tag friends, or download pictures to their device.

Other areas of FriendCaster HD include the News Feed, Checkins, Messages, Groups, Events, and Pages. Checkins shows a Google Map that plots your friend’s location and enables commenting or Likes on that particular checkin. Events lets users see and respond to invitations, Pages lists accounts you follow or manage, and Friends shows all of your Facebook connections. I experienced persistent loading problems on the Messages and Groups tabs, so no comment tree.

My favorite part about FriendCaster HD is the organization of profiles, which make it easy to get to a Wall, Album, Photo, or Videos on Facebook. The design looks excellent, the Feed loads dynamic content quickly, and the app includes the “Pull down to refresh” feature that I like so much about Tweetcaster HD. Like that app, FriendCaster HD is also ad-supported by a large banner at the bottom. (I’m guessing a Pro version will arrive soon that will remove the banner for a price).

This is just a beta and FriendCaster has some things to address – like slow load times on Messages and some colors being out of place in landscape – but it’s off to a very good start. Head to the Android Market and load it on your Android 3.0 or higher tablet.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!

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