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Foursquare updates Android App with exclusive Notifications feature

July 5, 2011 | by Tony Price

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There is an update for the official Foursquare Android app available as of today, and it includes an interesting new feature. That feature is a new Notifications tray, and for the time being, it is exclusive to their Android app.

While the inclusion of a notifications area within the app isn’t really a big deal, the fact that it was released on Android before any other platform is. The web version of Foursquare has had notifications for a good while now. It was easy to assume that it would make its way to mobile. However, many would have guess the feature would make its way to iOS first.

Foursquare has been one of the biggest iOS developers on the platform, and this shift towards Android is really intriguing. The fact that they are now releasing updates with new features to Android first could make you wonder about the leadership at Foursquare.

As I see it, there are only a handful of possible reasons for this perceived shift in platform favoritism. First off is the fact that Android phones now control a larger portion of the smartphone market than iOS devices do. This would mean that you get a better feel for a response to your app by releasing it on Android before any other platform.

The other possibility is simply that there really is a shift in the thinking of Foursquare’s leadership. Its possible that those in charge have become Android converts, and want to see the features on that platform first.

Another possibility is that Foursquare is starting to see something special in Android. Its not beyond the realm of possibility that they simply wanted to do something special with the platform. No matter the reasoning, I am happy to see Android getting this sort of update priority.

The team at Foursquare has promised that the iOS and BlackBerry apps will get the Notifications feature in an upcoming update.

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