Farkle Fun – More options, less flair, same game [App Review]

July 11, 2011 | by Ben Crawford

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I recently reviewed and recommended Farkle Dice, but like I said, there are many a Farkle game. So, to be fair, I tried my hand at a different (yet similar) Farkle game in Farkle Fun. This take at a dice game is also named Farkle, but has a slightly different presentation which I felt gave wholly different options to the player than Farkle Dice did.

Of course, the player is in charge of their own game, and Farkle Fun gives you all the gameplay options you could want. You can select multiple computer difficulties, name changes, score changes, and rule changes. The basic rules to Farkle are unchanged, but you can tailor them to your needs or desires as you see fit to an almost limitless degree. While I found these options to be great, vast choices, I also left them completely alone. I like the game enough as it is to change what score I would get when if I rolled a three of a kind. If you’re going to play the game (especially with another person), you might as well play by the established and known rules.

The most notable complaint I have with this game (after praising it for its plethora of options) is the lack of an option to highlight scoring dice. You’re left to your own devices to know which dice score and which do not. This fact may fall on deaf ears to hardcore Farklers, but I like to see the dice outlined or highlighted to let me know they’re scoring dice. This cuts down on playing time considerably, but Farkle Fun seems to make you want to play this for extended periods as the animations are entirely too slow even at the fastest setting. The last complaint I have is the over-crowded screen. There are too many scores and notices and ads and everything else that bog your eyes and the game down. I like Farkle to be quick and aesthetically pleasing and Farkle Fun did neither well.

While I semi-complained about the lack of style and animation in Farkle Dice, Farkle Fun has absolutely nothing in the way of cool animations, and the background is the only aesthetic part of the game you can change. I really like the animations in Zilch from Kongregate because I think it’s about the only part of the game the developer can have full control over. All three of these Farkle games will have the same rules and challenging computer opponents, but which one has the most style and can give my eyes a treat as I roll hundreds of dice over and over? I think that’s the most important factor in a re-hashed game like this or any card/board games.

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Developer: Nate Radebaugh

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