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Dear, Zuck: Sorry for deleting my Facebook account (not really)

July 11, 2011 | by Charles West

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Yes it’s real, my Facebook account is no more. You can call it a break up, separation, or divorce — it really doesn’t matter because the fact is for a while now Facebook and I have grown apart. I’ve had a few days to think about such a decision, but I felt now was the time. I feel Facebook has run its course. It has turned into what Myspace was in its heyday, and just like when I jumped off of that ship, it’s time for me to do the same with Facebook.

Although in beta, Google+ has captivated me enough to the point where I’ve decided to do something so “drastic” as to deleting my FB account. I’m no fool, I know it’s still way too early to crown plus as the new king, but it’s hard to deny the awesome potential G+ has.

Coming out of the gate, this time, Google has done a great job making people believe they will have a more promising experience then its other failed projects (Google Wave and Google Buzz). Those who have already been invited and had time to poke around the new social network are generally pleased with both web and mobile versions; checkout how to use Google+ with Android. In fact, the only real universal complaint I’ve heard from experts, journalist, or casual users has been the barrier between new users joining because at the moment G+ access is invite only.

Let’s be clear, Google plus is not a Facebook killer, it’s just a better option. But like many have already stated, there is only one center and both social networks can’t occupy that center. I ultimately chose Plus over FB because of its strengths — simplified privacy settings, group separation (Circles), lightening fast photo uploading, editing status updates and Hangouts (group video chatting) — all was a no brainer.

If it seems like I’m singing the praises of something most people can’t access you’re right, I am. The fact that I’m speaking so highly about a project currently in beta should entice you even more to join (of course when your opportunity comes. We’ve been stealthily inviting our Facebook and Twitter followers). Believe me, the Zuck understands the competition that is ahead of him and at this point he’s observing what happens next far as development goes once plus is out of beta (whenever that may be).

At this point, it shouldn’t be any secret as to how optimistic I am about Google Plus. As I’ve said before: whether people like it or not, we’re in a new era and that era is running Circles right now. Make no mistake about it, Google isn’t even a player in this social network game without Plus’s core functionality, Circles — I wouldn’t have even contemplated leaving Facebook if Google didn’t have it. For those of you early adopters out there, I’m sure none of you need for me to get into the whole breakdown as to how complicated FB is compared to Google Plus — it’s been written hundreds of times already.

I don’t like the way Facebook manages both its regular consumers along with its business brethren. FB allows its regular users to be bombarded with ‘Like’ request, invite request and etc. With Plus, Google plans to get a head start not only from separating the two, but making both work together without any intrusions. There are lots of ways this could work — just think, ad links might encourage users to add a particular brand to their Google+ Circles, which would then allow the company to communicate more directly. The idea is to get regular users to imagine receiving messages from McDonald’s about discounts right on your Google+ news feed — the possibilities are endless.

With Google+ the search giant is hell bent at stealing some users and attention back from Facebook, which could help Google keep ad budgets from shifting away from Google to Facebook.

In this race of social giants I’ve decided to put my money behind a fresh-new thoroughbred and making the decision to delete my Facebook account this early in the game was a simple move for me. It makes me wonder how many people out there did the same thing I’ve decided to do.

If you’re currently using Google Plus, my question to you is, do you feel G+ is good enough right now for you to be willing to take the same plunge I took? Also, do you feel I’m crazy being way to optimistic with Google Plus? If so, why? As always, please sound off in the comment section below.

UPDATE 7/18/11: As some readers have suggested in the comment section, there is an easier way to officially delete your FB account. I was recommended to use — and it seemed to work. It was an easy process. Now, my account will be officially deleted within 14 days according to Facebook. Thanks readers!