The Best Android Camera apps to help you forget about Instagram [Droid vs. Droid]

July 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Magic Hour :: Almost Perfect (Free Lite, $1.99 Pro)

Magic Hour is as close as it comes to perfect. Of all the other apps mentioned, it can go tit-for-tat in almost every area. Great filters? It comes with amazing presets and has a market in which other members share their customizations – which are even better than the presets, by the way. And if you still want more control, recreate presets by adjusting color curves and channels, vignettes, textures, frames, brightness, and contrast.

I think that Magic Hour is the best photo app for Android, though it is not as easy to master as other apps like Snaptastic. I honestly don’t even care if and when Instagram arrives, because Magic Hour more than meets my need to have control without things being overly complex. Connect it to your Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or Twitter for some extra sharing. I give Snaptastic the slight edge in the ease-of-use department, but the ability to download more filters and be a little more sophisticated in Magic Hour makes for a great time.

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Camera360 :: Complicated Cool (Free Lite, $3.99 Pro)

Camera360 is another good option for people looking to apply filters and effects to their images. The app has LOMO and retro images, HDR for contrast, tilt shift, and numerous coloring effects. It even adds extra options for focusing, lighting, and contrast. Select a filter, snap a photo, and then choose one of the many sub-options to have your image take shape. You can also unlock additional features by purchasing the Ultimate version for $3.99. Sadly, there’s no way to import from the gallery and the controls aren’t as elegant as other options. Camera360 is a good camera app, but it appeals only to a very niche audience who want all the extra controls. However, those who do want extra controls will love that they can apply a base effect and then get several otions to tweak it.

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