The Best Android Camera apps to help you forget about Instagram [Droid vs. Droid]

July 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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PicPlz :: The Most Social (Free)

Of all the Instagram alternatives out there, PicPlz is the only one that matches the social aspect as well. There’s a real community behind the site in which users can follow each other, comment on photos, and see images market interesting. PicPlz also links with Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter accounts to crosspost, as well as automatically store the edited image and original in Dropbox.

Oh, yeah, what about the filters? Those are great, too. I wish PicPlz gave users more options for customizing features, but I love the pre-sets included in the app. The Russian Toy Camera, 70′s, cross-processing, and Little Plastic Lens sets are all fantastic. If sharing is your main goal, there’s a chance PicPlz is right for you. [Read Review]

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Vignette :: Perplexing Power (Free Lite, £2.49 Pro)

Vignette was one of the first camera apps that we reviewed, and it has remained one of the most powerful. It’s not the easiest, though. While other apps make it as easy as tapping a preset and immediately seeing the effect, Vignette requires users to make a selection and go back and forth to see each change take effect.

It’s worth it, though. Vignette has more than 20 major filter themes, and includes the ability to customize photos in many ways. It’s sometimes frustrating to apply the tweaks, but the results are very good. Users can load images from the camera or gallery, and mix and match to get the desired effect. And if you want to get back to that set quickly, mark it as a Favorite or save it to a homescreen shortcut. Then the app gets even better. [Read Review]

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