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Art of War 2 Online: An M.M.O Like C&C That’s A.O.K [App Review]

July 13, 2011 | by lukep

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Art of War 2 Online 1

Do you wish you could take the complexity and fun of Command and Conquer with you on the go? Have you been pining for an Android alternative to desktop real-time strategy games, especially one with heaps of online gameplay? If so, then pony up, Pilgrim! Herocraft’s Android RTS (and MMO) Art of War 2 Online may not be perfect, but it’ll stew your strategy tea for sure.

For those familiar with classic RTS series like Starcraft or Command and Conquer, the concept at the heart of Art of War 2 will feel very familiar. You’re in charge of a top-down hodgepodge of various units, buildings, bases and machines. You use your troops to browse the area, defeating enemies while accruing resources and expanding more than Las Vegas in July. It’s solid fun, and the complexity offered here is more than enough to satisfy a true RTS fanboy.

Art of War 2 has more going for it than just its deep roster of troops and upgradeable buildings, however. Its real strength lies in its stellar online play. You’re free to play random matches with any other Android player, creating instant multiplayer fun on the go. Mastering the proper assortment of certain units and tactics can be quite the challenge, and the experience over all is very rewarding (especially when facing off against human opponents).

However, Art of War 2 Online feels very outdated, even as a mobile title. The graphics are pixelated and either retro or old depending on your viewpoint. The menus are clunky and difficult to navigate, and the fake cursor included in the gameplay doesn’t settle well on an Android device’s touch screen. There are times when the game feels like a shrunken port of a PC title: Awkward and underutilized.

That being said, the game is one-hundred percent free in the Android Market, and for that low price you’ll get a heck of a lot of depth and endless multiplayer matches to tickle your fancy. If that sounds good, then head on over to the Market and give Art of War 2 a spin. It ain’t perfect, but it’s solid nonetheless, and will certainly please any RTS fanboy on the commute.

Art of War 2 Online

Game: Art of War 2 Online

Developer: Herocraft
Price: Free

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