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Apps Alert: Evernote and IMDB go Honeycomb, Google goes deal-crazy with Shopper

July 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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We usually wait until the end of the week to tell you about the great new additions and updates to the Android Market, but there were a couple of announcements today that you should know about right now. So here’s a mini Android Apps Alert to let you know what’s going on in the Android Market today.

Aside from the new Honeycomb Android app launched by USTREAM today, Evernote and IMDB have also decided now would be a good time to develop a sweet tooth as well. Meanwhile, Google updated its Shopper app and expanded the Google Offers project to new test markets in New York City and San Francisco.


The folks from Evernote gave me a preview of their Honeycomb app at Google I/O and it looked impressive. They’ve finally opened it up to the public, offering more information from the jump when launching the home screen. You’ll see snippets of all photo and text notes, as well as navigation buttons for adding and filtering content. The menu for adding notes has quick access for audio recordings, attachments, and formatting as well.

Advanced searches, viewing maps to see where notes were created or capture, and the addition of rich text (bold, bullets, underline, etc.) arrive in this version. There’s also a widget that provides a look at recent notes and shortcuts to creation. Anyone who has made Evernote their chosen note app should download now.


I also got a look at IMDb at I/O and was even more impressed than Evernote, which is rather funny when you consider that people are more likely to use a note/memory aide like Evernote than they are an actor search app. But the need for a better tablet version is much greater for me when it comes to the IMDb Honeycomb app.

IMDb has been reformatted for Honeycomb tablets but has the same features users expect from the IMDb Android app: read news stories, browse movies now in theaters and popular TV shows, see popular celebs, and browse local showtimes. Users can see cast lists, acting credits, trivia, quotes, and release info.

The IMDb website isn’t as easy to navigate on the tablet and the phone app didn’t take advantage of the format. Now it’s much easier for me to watch Netflix and remember the name of that guy in the background who I saw on another show.

Google Shopper 2.0

Google also made a new shopping app, but the changes are geared towards Android phones. The company expanded the test trial of Google Offers to New York and San Francisco (Portland, Ore. was the original test market), providing discounts to nearby businesses. Yup, the “Groupon-killer” that probably won’t kill Groupon is spreading. The cool thing about it is that it stores coupon offers and shows nearby offers for Google Places.

Even if you aren’t in one of the test markets, there are still coupon offers from nearby businesses listed with Google Places. I’m seeing discounts for Haagen-Dazs, Papa John’s, and Herbalife. Shopper 2.0 has been redesigned to better access this feature and is available now for phones with Android 2.1 or higher (United States and United Kingdom only). So if you’re on a never-ending quest to get the paper on the caper, download it now.