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Less than 2 million Android Honeycomb tablets have been sold [I THINK]

July 26, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



A market research firm released a report last week stating that Android had captured 30 percent of the tablet market. However, as we pointed out already, that was for the number of Android tablets that had been shipped to retailers – not the number of tablets sold to consumers.

So just how many Android Honeycomb tablets have been sold? About 1.4 million…probably.

Google revealed two key numbers during its Q2 2011 earnings call: the company has activated more than 135 million Android devices, and an additional 550,000 phones and tablets are added to that total daily. That means more than 6 million Android devices have been activated since the July 14 announcement. We can then compare that number of existing devices to the Android platform developer chart, which reveals the percentage of Android 3.0 or higher (Honeycomb) devices that have accessed the Android Market in the two weeks leading up to July 5.

Knowing that less than 1 percent of devices accessing the Market were running Honeycomb as of July 5, we can then take 1 percent of the total number of existing Androids (141.6 million), and estimate that 1.41 million Honeycomb tablets have been sold. Not bad for only 5 months work, but it’s trailing the iPad by a very wide margin.

There are few distinctions that must be made regarding this post, most important of which is that the 1.4 million number is an estimate of Honeycomb tablet sales – not Android tablet sales in general. The Barnes & Noble Nook and Samsung Galaxy Tab do not figure into these estimates (though it’s possible a very small number of consumers using those devices have loaded hacked versions of Honeycomb). Trends in Market usage may have changed in July, and the number of Honeycomb devices accessing the Market could have risen or fallen, but I made the assumption that it’s at about the 1 percent mark.

Also of note is that Google previously said it counts only new devices – not upgrades – as activations; however, that was back when it had only phones to track. Does a recently-purchased Asus Transformer count as an activation if that person previously owned a Motorola Xoom? Does Google not count that purchase as an activation if the consumer had an HTC Inspire but never owned a Honeycomb tablet? If that’s the case, it’s difficult to get an accurate estimate without Google or retailers providing full sales numbers. There’s likely to be crossover between Honeycomb tablet and Android phone owners.

It will probably be a while before Google tells us exactly how many Android Honeycomb tablets are in the wild and how exactly it reached that number. But for the time being, it appears that there are 1.3 to 1.5 million Android tablets running Android 3.0 or higher.


Based on the latest Android Platform Version chart, we can now confirm that about 1.3 percent of Android Market visits are from Honeycomb tablets. That changes the calculation model – as August 2, 2o11 – to:

  • 144,350,000 Android devices sold
  • 1.3 percent being Honeycomb tablets
  • 1,876,550 Honeycomb tablets have been sold (1.3 percent of 144.35 million is 1.87 million).