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Android Apps Alert #64: It’s a Celebration, People!

July 3, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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This has been a week of celebrations. Canadians enjoyed their day of unification and independence, the United States is about to do the same, and thousands of lucky people have liberated their lives from Twitter and Facebook to play with the hot new toy of Google+ (more on that later). But that’s not going to stop us from checking which Android apps should be downloaded. releases a weekly list of hot new apps in the Android Market, as well as important apps that have just been updated. This week’s theme is “It’s a Celebration, People!” because the original title that I had wasn’t family-friendly enough. The apps listed below will come in handy as you go out to enjoy the holiday weekend, capture important memories, and read about what’s going on in the world. Screenshots and download links are below.

P.S. Were you aware that we recently updated our Best Live Wallpapers article? No, well more than 6,000 people have watched the video and found new ways to spruce up their phone, so join the fun!

Checkin King

During big events and bar crawls, I notice people doing the Check-In Dance. You enter a venue, find a spot to post-up or talk to someone you know, and then reach for your phone to tell everyone on Foursquare that you’ve arrived. Then you do the same for Gowalla. And Facebook check-in. And Google Places.

Checkin King is the only app which you need for this particular dance. Checkin King links with Facebook, Foursquare, Google Places, and Gowalla accounts, and checks-in on each service. The app lists nearby venues or lets users search for somewhere specific, but it doesn’t always find places as accurately as Foursquare or Places. That’s because there’s no standard location data, so the same venue may be duplicated on Places and Facebook; users have to tap twice to check-in to each service as a result. At least it’s within one app, so check-out Checkin King if you’re sick of doing The Dance.

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If you’re in a new town and looking for a guide to famous places, tourist attractions, and other important info, TripWolf will tell you. TripWolf provides travel guides designed specifically for mobile phones. The app lists guides for internationally-known cities – Lisbon, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and more – with tremendous insight. Top Things to Do, Culture & Sights, Nightlife, Shopping, and Eating sections provide more entertainment options that will keep you busy during your entire trip.

Information about Nature, Transportation, and Neighborhoods will also help navigate the city. While the app is free, not all guides are, but it may sometimes be worth it to pay a small premium to know the must-haves. (I really regret that I didn’t do more touristy things in Barcelona for MWC.)

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For all of you people out there looking to take photos with stylized filters, Molome has emerged to hold you over if other options aren’t what you’re looking for. Users snap or import a photo and then scroll through to select 1 of almost 30 filters, with vignettes, textures, black-and-white photos, and more. Strangely, some filters must be earned by performing tasks like uploading 10 photos, but it’s incredibly easy. Snap, edit, and then share to Facebook, Twitter, and other Molome users. Popular images are displayed in a special section to make you jealous, and a timeline shows images from people you elect to follow.

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Burn The Rope

Last week, Cut the Rope on Android grabbed all of the headlines, but that’s not the only rope-damaging game out there. Burn the Rope is a puzzle game with more than 100 levels that can test your think and patience as things get increasingly difficulty. Users have to tap a rope to burn it, so users must tilt the device to destroy a rope before the flame is extinguished, as well as deal with the challenges that pop-up along the way. If you were intrigued by the Cut the Rope concept and looking to get something similar, grab this game.

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The Times for Android

While Canadians nurse the Canada Day hangover and Americans start working on theirs, British users can relax and read the Times of London on their Android phones. The official app for the UK-based newspaper comes with a free trial period that gets you around the site’s paywall (£2 a week subscription once trial ends). The Times of London and Sunday Times is well-formatted and really feels like you’re reading a digital version of the paper. The app has plenty of news articles, live blogs of major events, organizes according to section, and lets users download articles or change font size. Test it now to get the latest on everything from the EPL transfer window to politics.

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Angling a piece of paper in a digital trash bin? Pshh…that’s amateur hour. Stardunk is a game that require playing basketball in space. It features real-time showdowns against other players in which everyone aims to shoot a ball into a basket as many times as possible within 2 minutes. The arc and amount of force has to be just right, the competition is fierce depending on skill level, and you can easily lose track of time playing (the mark of a truly fun game). Aside from the increased fun of face-offs with other Stardunk players, the presence of OpenFeint adds a leaderboard and achievement unlocks to spice up the competition. Watch the demo above to see why you should download this game right now.

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