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Android: A History in Infrographic Form [STATS]

July 26, 2011 | by Tony Price

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Looking back, it is hard to believe that Android was released just under 3 years ago. The very first phone, the T-Mobile HTC Dream (G1) was released into the world on September 28, 2008 with Android 1.0. With that device came the hope of a brighter smartphone future, the promise of choice, and a champion for open source.

Flash forward nearly 3 years, and you come to a place where Android is poised to take over the world of the smart phone. It’s constantly growing and capturing bigger shares of the mobile market space. Despite its success, it is important for us, as Android users, to remember the roots of our system. [x]cubelabs is looking to help us do just that with a nice infographic.

Infographic by Android Developers at [x]cubelabs

While the version distribution is a little dated at this point (its from July 5), this great little graphic provides us with a good bit of information. It covers the release date of every major Android update, from 1.0 clear though to Honeycomb. Along with those, it gives us major feature additions as well as Android’s market share at that point.

As you can see, this if a really well put together infographic history of the little green robot. We can use this to remember our humble beginnings, and to make sure look forward to the future with hope. Android keeps getting better all the time, and hope for the future will always remain.