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Thrutu sends PayPal, shared media, and finds restaurants while still on a phone call

June 3, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Commmunication, Tools


Thrutu debuted in March and gave Android users the chance to send contacts, photos, and locations to each other while on phone calls. If two people have Thrutu installed, they can quickly send and receive data while on a call. A new update to the app extends Thrutu’s reach even further.

The latest version of Thrutu adds 11 new options for users to exchange data and have a shared experience. PayPal is the marquee addition, so someone can tap a button to initiate a payment to a friend or merchant while on a call. There’s also a new Meet Me button that can find destinations that are almost equidistant for each person. So if you’re looking for a nice restaurant to meet your date, Thrutu will suggest locations that allow two Android users to meet in the middle.

Thrutu has several new features, some more exciting than others. While the ability to share weather forecasts is underwhelming, it’s much more interesting that Thrutu offers Shared Search. Two people can discuss something and search Google and browse results or websites together.

Other features include:

  • Doodle, which lets users draw on-screen or over shared photos and have it appear on the other person’s screen instantly.
  • Coin Flip, which shows Heads or Tails to settle arguments by chance
  • Mood Ring, which shows how you’re feeling
  • 15 Together and Tic Tac Toe, which plays the game for those moments where the conversation gets stale but you don’t want to hang-up
  • Flickr and Twitter, which provides a shared window for reading tweets and flickr photos

Android 2.1 or higher is required in order to use Thrutu. The app requires a simultaneous voice and data connection, so some Sprint, Verizon, and other CDMA customers may have trouble using the app. Those users will have to be on WiFi or 4G (Wimax or LTE) in order to use Thrutu. Download from the Android Market and be sure to get the plug-ins as well.

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