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Samsung Galaxy S2 coming to Verizon in July [Supposedly]

June 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Samsung, Verizon

High resolution promo picture of the Samsung Galaxy S2

Update: Just like I suspected, the person quoted in this article misspoke. The Galaxy S II is NOT coming to Verizon next month and the company has no comment on when or if it will arrive. Here’s the article as it originally appeared.


Though neither Samsung nor Verizon has yet officially announced U.S. availability of the Galaxy S 2, a spokesperson for Verizon appears to have jumped the gun and “confirmed” that the Galaxy S 2 for Verizon arrives next month.

Computerworld says it received official word from a Verizon spokeswoman that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will go on sale at some point in July, though an official date has yet to be decided. Considering that neither carrier nor manufacturer has made that claim through official channels, we’re a little hesitant to think if that’s certain. The spokesperson may have mistakenly released the news ahead of schedule or misspoke; I hope its the former.

The Galaxy S 2 was named one of the most impressive devices by practically everyone in attendance at Mobile World Congress 2011. I told several people that the Galaxy S 2 would probably be my next phone depending on how it would look when arriving stateside. Samsung made several changes to the original Galaxy S in order to differentiate between each U.S. carrier, but I’m hoping it doesn’t make that same mistake twice because I already love the Galaxy S 2 in its current form. Wouldn’t you want a beautiful design, industry-leading screen, dual-core processor, and enough changes to TouchWiz for me to not pull my hair out? Yes please.

Much is still yet to be clear about a possible launch of the Galaxy S 2, particularly if the phone will have 4G LTE. We also have to see what AT&T and Sprint, who are both likely to offer the GS2 in some capacity, have to say. T-Mobile may get in on the fun, too, but previous rumors have yet to suggest that it will offer its own GS2 variant. Look for more word from Verizon in the coming days if the Galaxy S 2 really is coming to stores next month.