Podsta: the smartphone holder for when a kickstand isn’t enough [Accessory reviews]

June 29, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Not every phone has the benefit of a kickstand to prop it up and keep a phone viewable from the right angle, but everyone can keep their phone vertical with Podsta.

Podsta is a phone accessory that grips to a phone and makes it able to stand without the user needing to hold it. The flexible foam softly latches onto the sides of a phone, making it capable of standing up in portrait mode on a desk, or rest in landscape as the user watches a video while laying down. Designers gave the Podsta a unique shape that cures at the top and to the sides for stability and style, but features a three-sided back that keeps it all balanced. That proves effective for the most obvious use cases for Podsta, including:

  • Video chat without having to hold the phone (hands free for writing and other things)
  • Listen to music or watch videos without resting the phone flat on its back
  • Desk stand to keep your phone angled-up in a better viewing angle

The Softgrip foam material used for Podsta offers a sturdy but very light build. That will make it easy to put Podsta in a cup holder or grip onto a device without putting any undue pressure or scratching. While its sides are flexible and managed to securely fit phones as big as a Motorola Droid X2 and HTC EVO 4G, it’s not as easily to snap the bulkier phones into place. Podsta is best served with phones that have screen sizes about 3.7-4 inches. Another potential problem is that the microSD or HDMI-out ports on certain phones will be obstructed in portrait mode, so users will have to opt for landscape to free-up space when charging or connecting to a television.

Podsta comes in six colors: pink, green, black, yellow, purple, red, and silver. It retails for $12.99 and is available for sale on and if you are based in North America. European users should visit to order.


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The folks at Podsta were kind enough to send me a free model to review but they also threw-in a few extra for the family. For a chance to win one, Like our Facebook page and look out for an upcoming status update tomorrow. We’ll randomly select two winners on July 5, 2011.