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Perfect Keyboard is a customizable keyboard for your Android phone [App Reviews]

June 22, 2011 | by Tony Price



If you have used an Android device for long, then you have come to realize that the built-in keyboard is not always the best option. Some of the typical complaints about the standard Android keyboard include the small key sizing, poor key spacing, and the lack of skins.

If you have been looking for a fully customizable keyboard option, then your stubby fingered prayers have been answered. Perfect Keyboard is different from a vast number of other keyboards in the Android Market in a number of key ways, most of them revolving around the keys themselves.

What Perfect Keyboard really does for you is gives you control over the size and spacing of your keyboard keys. So if you find yourself hitting letters you didn’t mean to while you are tapping out those text messages, then look no further. Simply go into the settings for Perfect Keyboard by going into Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Perfect Keyboard -> Appearance.

Perfect Keyboard also has a host of other features that have come to be expected from alternative keyboards. It has its own set of long press shortcuts, auto correction, and speech to text. It also sports custom vibration and sounds, auto-text, and deep theme customization options.

While Perfect Keyboard has a lot to offer, I don’t see myself using it on a daily basis. I have grown accustomed to using SwiftKey, and I really do like it. The prediction and auto-correct features that SwiftKey comes with are probably the best I have ever used. However, I can’t find a reason not to use Perfect Keyboard if its resizing of keys really tricks your trigger.

All in all, Perfect Keyboard is a solid keyboard for Android phones. There is a free demo version available in the Android Market, as well as a full version for $2.75 at the time of writing. Both versions require at least Android 2.2 (FroYo).