HTC ChaCha Coming to AT&T as the HTC Status

June 23, 2011 | by Tony Price


HTC ChaCha

According to the team over at BGR, the upcoming HTC ChaCha will be making its way to AT&T under the name of HTC Status. The name makes sense when you remember that the ChaCha was one of two phones HTC revealed with Facebook buttons.

The HTC Status is reportedly due to launch with AT&T in the coming weeks, with a launch as early as next week being possible. This would add yet another phone to the ever growing list of Android devices headed to AT&T in 2011.

In case you don’t remember the ChaCha/Status, its a phone that comes equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2.6″ touch screen with a resolution of 480 x 320. It sports an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 512 MB of internal storage. It also comes equipped with 2 cameras: a 5MP on the back, and a VGA front facing.

For many fans of HTC devices, the name is a welcome change. There were several complaints regarding the naming of both the ChaCha and its sister device, the Salsa. As far as I am concerned, Status is a much better name than ChaCha.

HTC’s other device with a dedicated Facebook button, the Salsa, won’t be launching on AT&T. That’s not really a big loss, in my opinion. I question how popular either device is going to be with serious consumers. Then again, the target market of younger teenagers may love either phone. We will have to wait until they launch to see how well accepted they are.