How to disable ads in the Android notifications menu

June 13, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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UPDATE: This article was written when only one company was putting ads in the notification area. There are now multiple companies doing so, so use a tool like Lookout Ad Detector to get more information on opting out.


A slowly growing number of Android app developers  have chosen to adopt AirPush, an advertising system that places ads in the Android notification window. I won’t get into a long-winded argument about the pros-and-cons of doing this or how tough it is for developers to make money. The bottom line is that users don’t want it and they want a way to get rid of it.

Android users can get rid of AirPush notifications in a few ways. The most obvious is to remove the offending app, something that most people have done. If an app you like begins sending ads to your notification area, simply uninstall it and let the developer know. That’s the most effective way of getting the message across. However, this may present a problem if you install several apps and can’t figure out which is pushing the ads. AirPush Detector searches a device’s installed apps list and points out which apps have the advertising system built-in. From there, the user can easily tap to uninstall.

What about the middle ground? You may despise AirPush but want to continue using the apps that feature it. AirPush Permanent Opt-out is a simple app to place on the phone and not have to worry about further notification ads. The app installs on a device and then prevents any Airpush ad from loading. It’s as easy as those set it and forget it commercials.

Editor’s Note: I’d like to take the time to remind people that AirPush exists because it pays developers more for advertising than they earn from their in-app ads that pay far less and practically no one clicks on purpose. Don’t be afraid to reward developers who release quality apps by purchasing premium or donate versions of worthwhile apps.

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