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Google releases Google+ with an Android App

June 28, 2011 | by Tony Price

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Some of the biggest news in the world of social networks today comes out of Google. They have announced the big secret behind the Google +1 button, and they call it Google+. It is currently only available to those who receive an invite.

One of the biggest parts of the Google+ announcement is the Android App that comes along with it. While anyone can download the app from the market, you will need to be an invited user to Google+ in order to make use of it.

Google announced a handful of features for Google+ that are exclusive to the Android apps. One of the coolest is the photo and video uploading service. Advertised as “Instant Upload”, the service will allow you to store photos and videos as part of Google+. Once they are uploaded, you can select to share them with people in your “Circles.”

The Android App also gives you access to your “Stream”, which is very similar to the Facebook News Feed. Here you will see the stories, posts, and media that is shared by the people in your Circles. The app will also allow you to add your location to any post you put into the Stream.

As far as I am concerned, the coolest part of the Google+ app is Huddle. Huddle is a group messaging service designed around the Circles. It is reminiscent of BlackBerry Messenger or Beluga, but aimed more at groups of people. That part of the Google+ service makes me very excited.

Like I said, Google+ is currently invitation only. I have signed up for an invite, and downloaded the app in anticipation. I hope to get an invitation soon. If you want to sign up for an invitation, you can do that here.

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