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Google improves mobile site with Chrome-like optimization

June 28, 2011 | by Charles West

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Looks like the guys over at Google have been ramping things up today. Earlier, Androinica’s own Tony Price reported Goog’s newly released Google+ with an Android app. Now, it seems the search giant has also improved its mobile search browser once again. The new update brings an even more snazzier look than the last, which is saying a lot about Google’s diligence in improving the mobile experience – leap years away from the more bland approach it once had.

So far I’ve had little time to navigate around the new interface, but I’ve noticed that most of Google’s popular options are way more accessible then they were previously. Now Android users will have quick access to just about everything they would’ve had on their computers. Search options like Places, Finance, Books, YouTube and Blogs are now available at your figure tips.

The upgrade also usher in the ability for users to get to Picasa Web Albums, Docs, News, task and translate to name a few – all much quicker. What’s neat about all of these new changes, is the fact of how friendly the (browser) apps look on your Android phone; it seems Google put lots of time into properly incorporating its services in a small package.

For instance, when going to the Task web app, I’m able to not only view my tasks but create a new one as well. One surprise for me was how good GTalk functioned on the mobile search browser, I was able to chat as if I were using the dedicated app. Google Reader also works pretty well, the RSS feed doesn’t seem to lag in fact it pops up like a blur when loading all articles. Android offers the last two functions mentioned in apps, but it’s nice to have strong web support if you’ve chosen not to use those apps or want quick access in the browser.

From my first impressions, I would have to say the improvements are so far pretty good. It seems to me that Google is trying to improve its browser by improving its user experience to the point were Android users can use its popular apps within the browser — in a Chrome OS like a manner.

Have you guys used the new mobile browser? The update appears to be rolling-out rapidly to many users, so check your mobile phone. If you have access, what are your impressions? Does Google get a thumbs up or thumbs down for its new interface and functionality?