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Facebook for Android adds video uploading and Pages viewing

June 24, 2011 | by Tony Price

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Android Facebook Video Uploading

The official Facebook app for Android devices has been updates to version 1.60, and it comes with a very welcome feature. The app for the arguably the most popular social network in the world now supports video uploading straight from your Android device.

While it isn’t the most requested feature in for the infamous Facebook for Android app (Photo Tagging), video uploading is a nice added piece of the Facebook puzzle. I can’t express the number of times I have seen my friends with iPhones uploading videos and wished I could do the same.

The update, which is available now in the Android Market, also brings the reported changes of Pages Support and News Feed enhancements. In my brief usage of the updates app, I have seen that the News Feed is improved in the sense that you are more likely to stay in the app if you try to read something.

The Pages ‘support’, however, is a bit lacking. While you can look at a Page found in your News Feed, you can’t actually search for or easily navigate to one. That’s a little depressing. I only really use Pages when i go looking for a particular one, and the ability to search is essential for that.

The Facebook for Android app has had a history of lagging behind its iPhone counterpart. For the longest time, it didn’t even have the Chat function built in. The only consolation I can find in this situation is that Android is starting to match feature-for-feature and Facebook recognizes the need to keep things getting better.

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