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eBay Android app updates with better seller options

June 16, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The eBay Android app is great – if you want to bid on that replacement battery for your HTC EVO 4G. But if you want to sell your device in order to get money for a new EVO 3D, well, the app doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

The good folks at eBay have seen fit to address that problem and introduce new features to make it easier to sell items on eBay using an Android device. eBay for Android has been improved to the point that users can list a new item – from start to finish – in less than a minute.

eBay now has several new options for selling items directly through its Android app. Users can manually enter items to fill in descriptions and seller enhancements, or they can choose on of the automated methods. Scanning a product’s barcode will fetch the details for the listing, and choosing “Sell One Like This” will let users spot a listing similar to their own and begin selling their own item.

Standard selling features are also available, including the ability to set auction start/end times, monitor current bid price, and contact the buyer once the bid closes. The new features are a welcome addition because better selling options were “by far the most popular feature request from eBay’s Android app users.” I recently sold an LTE hotspot on eBay and hated having to go to my desktop to do it, so it’s great to see more options that allow me to handle selling duties on eBay.

The new eBay app will be downloadable at 3 PM ET. Until you can grab it from the Android Market, see what you have laying around the house to sell.

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