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Bolt! browser comes to Android. Be one of the first 500 to get in the private beta.

June 22, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Hey, BlackBerry users, remember Bolt browser and how it was really, really fast on your previous phone? Windows Mobile users, you’re probably familiar, too. Well, get a bit of nostalgia and download Bolt browser for Android, which has just entered a private beta.

Bolt is designed to be a “lightning fast” mobile browser with plenty of features. It loads websites quickly, supports Adobe Flash and HTML5 (in limited capacity during the beta), and backs-up favorites into a stored cloud account. There’s a “PC-style” browsing experience designed for mobile and has quick access to search. HTML5 and web apps are also a priority in Bolt. Users can get work done in Google Docs or ditch work and have fun playing Mafia Wars. In addition to Facebook and Twitter widgets, users can post to either websites from within the browser.

There are some shortcomings because Bolt is still in beta, so it will need user feedback before it gets ready for the Android Market. And that’s where you folks come in. Bolt has invited Androinica readers to install the browser and get a shot at using the new browser. If you’re ready to take a break from Dolphin, Skyfire, et. al, follow the instructions below. The first 500 people to sign-up with our code are guaranteed a spot.

How Readers Can Get BOLT browser for Android:
BOLT’s preview beta is available by invite only at Readers of Androinica can use the code androinica to participate. Once you’ve signed-up, follow the installation instructions provided.