TouchRetouch magically erases objects in your photos [Video Android App Reviews]

May 31, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Adobe PhotoShop can remove objects in a photo and make the disappearance almost seamless. Sadly, I don’t have the version of PhotoShop that includes the feature, and I’m in no mood to pay the money required to get it.

Though not nearly as sophisticated, TouchRetouch has a similar ability to provide simple object removal in your images. Available for Android 2.1 and higher, TouchRetouch can remove unwanted people, places, and objects from your photos. Users highlight what they want removed and then TouchRetouch works its magic to put in a new background. The resulting image isn’t always seamless, but there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with an edited image without much noticeable noise.

TouchRetouch can load an image directly from the Android Camera app or the Gallery. The app has several options for highlighting the section of the picture that should be removed. A Lasso or Paintbrush marks the dead weight, and pressing the clip button will remove it. An eraser is available to make the removal more accurate, and an Undo button offers a second chance to get things right. Once the user is happy with the image, a new copy can be saved or shared through Android.

The TouchRetouch Android app is in the Android Market for $0.99. Below is a short demo video to show how the app works.

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Before and after photos showing how well/poor TouchRetouch can be at times.