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Sprint Google Voice number porting now available

May 3, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sprint customers can now port their existing number to Google Voice without changing their existing contract. There were a number of reports of the service going live last week but many were still unable to use it because the feature was actually rolling out in stages. All Sprint customers should be able to visit and sign-up now.

First announced during CTIA 2011, Sprint and Google have partnered to allow Sprint customers to turn over many of their services to Google Voice. Signing-up for the integration will then make your Sprint number capable of forwarding to multiple phones, listen to voicemails online, and see voicemail transcriptions online or in text messages.

There are a few things to consider before signing up for the Sprint-Google Voice integration, namely that you will lose your current Google Voice number if you sign-up using your existing Google account. You will be able to turn off integration and go back to regular Google Voice/Sprint options, but your number will go back into the number pool and could be lost after 90 days. Find out more information on this and other questions by reading our post from the Sprint Google Voice demo session at CTIA. A number of common questions are already answered there.

Sprint subscribers can head over to and begin the porting process. Based on demonstrations from CTIA, integration should be up and running within a few minutes,