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PayPal says take a picture, deposit a check through your Android phone

May 18, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The PayPal Android app has been updated to support check deposits through taking pictures. Already available for other banking apps like Chase, and on the PayPal iPhone app, PayPal now lets Android users take a photo, upload it, and have the funds transferred.

Users can tap Tools > Add Money from Checks, and then snap a photo of the front and back of the check. Once the money is deposited, users can then transfer to a checking account directly from the mobile app or apply those funds towards their own purchasing needs. The downside is that this can take up to 6 business days to process.

Check depositing via photo is limited to Android users in the United States. Rather than rely on manually entering financial data or physically bump phones to send money, PayPal adds another option for quick check deposits. (Yes, people still write checks.) It makes sense that PayPal would take part especially since it handles billions of dollars in payments each year, including an estimated $2 billion in mobile payments alone.

Download the new Android app and start depositing checks. I’ll remind you once again that only U.S. residents are able to use this new feature.

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P.S. According to the official PayPal blog, this also adds the ability to put the PayPal app on the SD card for Android 2.2+ phones. It is the first of many updates to come to the Android version of the PayPal app.

The other new feature I’d like to highlight is support for “Move to SD card” on devices running Android 2.2+. I spend a lot of time reading through our app reviews and want you to know we’re not just working on our own wish list, but on yours as well. We’re listening to all of your comments and are always working to get all iPhone features added to Android, along with some top-secret Android-only features, bug fixes, top customer requests and more.