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Even MetroPCS enjoys an Android bump

May 3, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Great Android phones have already been credited for boosting performance at major U.S. carriers, even sparking a complete turnaround at Sprint. It seems MetroPCS has also benefited from embracing Android based on the Q1 2011 earnings reported today.

MetroPCS says that it added more than 725,000 net new customers from January to March. That’s a 21 percent increase in the number of MetroPCS customers in the previous 12 months. The no-contract, low-cost prices likely played a huge role in attracting new customers, but the presence of new Android phones also influenced customer decisions.

CEO Roger D. Linquist said there was a “significant uptake of our Android smartphones” in Q1 2011, which helped power MetroPCS to a record-breaking quarter. The reported churn, which is the rate at which contract customers leave a service, fell to 3.1. That’s pretty high comparatively considering that Sprint had a 1.8 churn rate, but it’s still an important dip from the 3.7 churn rate that MetroPCS reported this time last year.

“The Internet is going mobile and we believe our subscribers’ demand for multimedia and video will continue to increase, specifically within the Android platform,” Linquist said in a statement. “4G LTE is rapidly becoming the world standard and we now offer 4G LTE in all of our major metropolitan areas and we continue to expect to finish the majority of our planned build out by the end of 2011.”

I was a fan of MetroPCS’s Android for All marketing campaign, and the roll-out of LTE in key markets will go a long way in improving its reputation. So will the upcoming and still unannounced Android phones planned to join the LG Optimus M and Samsung Indulge.